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The Top 5

Here are simply the best Utena sites out there (in my humble opinion). The purpose of having a top 5 is to share a little bit more about the site, and give people a "short list" of sites to check first =^_^= These sites are not ranked 1 through 5, rather they are just the 5 best :)

The Utena Encyclopedia

The Utena Encyclopedia is simply the best resource for the Utena fan. The information ranges from simple stuff that every "newbie" needs to know; song lyrics, the names of directors etc. It also appeals to those who are more vetran to the series with goodies like links to a plethora of Japanese sites and script translations.

Through A Rose Colored Lense

Through a Rose Colored Lense is not only a wonderful Utena Screencap and Fanart archive, but the Utena site of the Shoujo Kakumei Utena Webring administrator. Wonderful pictures make this site more than worth the download time ^_-

Arisugawa's Locket

Arisugawa's Locket is a wonderful shining example of what a character shrine can be. Going beyond the trite character information and requisite image gallery, this site eximines more of what it means to be Juri, like her, and why she is so important to the understanding of the series itself.

Themes of the Revolution

Themes of the Revolution can be practically credited wholly for my love of all things Utena, especially the music. With a wide selection of MP3's from each of the soundtracks, they have an excellent range of samples to choose from. After listening to the 7 minute re-mix from Adolescence Rush I compulsively bought the CD when I saw it in Kinokuniya 2 weeks later... they don't give it all away however. Only certain selections are available, thus encouraging the purchase of the CD's themselves.

The Utena Network

A rather eclectic concentration of Utena resources, goodies, and character shrines. Characterized by stellar site design and slick graphics. Promises to keep growing into a megolithic site ^_^