Okay, I suppose you need to know what qualifies your all encompassing site for only one catagory?  Well, I am not quite that strict.  If you beleive that your site fits many different catagories, then you may submit each seperate section as its own link.  However...
... multiple submissions for a site do not garuntee it will be posted as such, or that I will put it up at all if there is anything expressly forbidden (see FAQ) on the page.  I want this to be a fun, interactive site - so catagories will always be dynamic and changing!


Take My Revolution... or is it Survey?
Here is my little survey for the site, and stuff.  This is mostly to poll what pages people like, and which ones they could do without.  The fav character is just cool to see =^_^=

URL Site Changes

Which catagories would you like to see next?
What is your favorite catagory now?

What is your least fav catagory now?
Who is your favorite character?